We receive a number of logistical questions from folks daily, so we figured it would be best to share them (and the answers) with the lot of you. Here’s what’s on your mind:

Q: What are your hours?
A: Mon-Thu: 3pm-6pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm-9pm
Sun: 12pm-7pm
Q: Are you guys filling growlers?
A: All of our beer is available in either cans or growlers. Please visit our taproom page for more info on growler pricing (located in the Beers To-Go List). Our policy regarding growlers can also be found on that page under our draft and retail list.
Q: Will there be any food?
A: Yup! We’ve got bar snacks that include chips, salsa, guacamole, and charcuterie trays, plus a rotating line of food trucks and pop-ups.
Q: What about non-beer drinks?
A: We have those too! We are proudly serving Spindrift flavored seltzers and we’ll have cold brew coffee on nitro from Karma Coffee.
Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: We love our furry friends, so we’ve decided to allow dogs in the taproom 7 days/week! (Dogs must remain on-leash at all times, and be comfortable with crowds and children.)
Q: What about kids? Can I bring mine?
A: Kids are allowed in the taproom except on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after 7pm, when anyone entering the taproom must be 21+. We just ask that you follow the rules listed below:
  • Please stay with your children at all times.
  • No climbing on furniture, lawn games, bar tops, or arcade games.
Should any of the rules be broken, we’ll be forced to ask you to leave for the day. We appreciate your understanding!
Q: What’s the best way to get there?
A: We encourage you to take a cheap Uber/Lyft from the city to the brewery. If you are driving, we have plenty of parking on site but we do suggest carpooling since it’s always more fun to travel with friends.
Q: What is your private event policy?
A: We are able to accommodate most private event requests for both our taproom and as a craft beer vendor for off-site gatherings. Please email events@castleislandbeer.com for more details on our private events policy.
Q: Do you fill growlers at your taproom?
A: We have both 32oz and 64oz growlers available to take Castle Island beer home in, and the glass itself is $3 (plus tax) for the 32oz growlers and $5 (plus tax) for the 64oz growlers for first time purchases. Once purchased, this glass is yours to keep forever and refill whenever you like at our taproom. Growler fill prices vary depending on the size and beer you’re filling the glass with.
In addition to filling our branded growlers, we also allow growler fills of non-branded glass. Here are the requirements regarding non-branded growler fills:
  • Must be either a standard 32oz or 64oz growler
  • We will provide, free of charge new growler caps that fit the standard 38MM diameter mouth to maintain the highest possible quality.
  • We only fill containers that have actually been manufactured for use as a beer container, and that clearly indicates its volume.
  • The glass must be free of any branding (unless it’s a Castle Island growler, of course), and it additionally cannot have any stickers, markings, or tags on it in order for it to follow the guidelines put forth by the MA ABCC.
  • To ensure quality, growlers cannot be partially filled.
  • We reserve the right to refuse growler fills if the growler is dirty, chipped, or displays any other sort of imperfection.
  • Growlers must be brown, translucent glass so we can easily view the liquid level and ensure freshness. Growlers that aren’t brown glass, are stainless steel, or are any other sort of opaque container will not be eligible for fills.
For Castle Island branded growlers, we also reserve the right to refuse filling any growler that is deemed not clean as we do not want to compromise your enjoyment of our beer. Since we do not have the equipment or bandwidth currently to clean growlers, we ask that you purchase a new growler if the one you have in hand doesn’t meet our standards of cleanliness.

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